Oh - the misery! I have my 100s cigarette already but no coffee.
Contribute to my musings and ramblings at once!

My preferable cup of coffee is a robust Decaf with no sugar, no milk but some cream. It is just best I don't get a caffeine boost. Trust me but that is a story for another day. Meanwhile, well, give it up already. A just 'cuz detail. "...just suck it up buttercup, the end, you'll thank me."

The "bad girl going good", ...or, maybe, the "good girl going bad". For certain, the not-so-typical Lifestyle Sadistic Dominant Female living on her chaotic castle located somewhere in Madness Sea. A woman too far into the dark side that can't even see the light behind at the BDSM rabbit hole.

It doesn't matter your labels, what I journal about, or what we are already casually chatting about, what matters is that here we are.
We just connected for a brief moment in time. MAGICAL!

It would be really nice if you can spare the minute to buy me a dammed cup of coffee. NO, I won't owe myself to you after, and I certainly won't reciprocate - Pfft!

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