Adorable 20 year-old Misa recently moved into my apartment building. I have a MASSIVE crush on her, but sadly I’m such a shy nerd. In Japanese I suppose I’m what’s known as a "Cherry Boy."

By lucky chance she hears that I’m pretty good with computers and requests some computer help. I couldn’t believe she even knew who I was! Misa drops by later with her computer, and I get to work. As I proficiently troubleshoot her poor PC, Misa starts to ask personal questions. She seems amused and fascinated by geeky me. I know she’s kind of teasing me, but that’s fine—let her do it. She’s so beautiful she can do whatever she wants.

She asks if she could be my first kiss, and I agree. This computer repair session suddenly got a lot more interesting! Professor McFiggans never covered this topic in the Microsoft Certified System Engineer training! Holy Cow!!

Fortunately for this Cherry Boy—with Misa as my gorgeous guide—I figure out the birds and the bees pretty quick and enjoy the infinite pleasures of tight hairless 20 year-old Japanese vaggie. There’s nothing more potent for properly de-flowering a Cherry Boy!

Peace and Blessings,
"Cherry Boy" CJ

amateur asian cherry computer covert covertjapan.com geek interracial japan japanese misa nerd pov repair virgin white wmaf
Size: 3435Mb
Format: video/mp4
Duration: 45:10 minutes

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